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ICO/STO Pricing

Our ICO/STO advisory services, backed by our in-house experience of more than 7 years within the crowdfunding industry, are geared to work best for you!

PR and Marketing – (dependent on soft and hard cap) 5.00  – 35.00 BTC
Localization Management (up to 3 languages) 0.50 BTC
Whitepaper Development/Preparation 0.75 BTC
Prospectus Development/Preparation 0.60 BTC
Whitepaper Review  (two page detailed feedback) 0.15 BTC
ICO/STO  Website Landing Page w/ Infographics and Design 0.55 BTC
ICO/STO Smart Contract Development 0.50 BTC
ICO/STO Project Manager (0.5 BTC/pm x 3 months) 1.50 BTC
ICO/STO Customer Service Rep ($2,000/pm x 3 months) 0.60 BTC
Token Exchange Listing Assistance (per successful listing) 0.50 BTC
Escrow Agent for ICO Funds (optional) 0.50 BTC
Due Diligence Report 0.45 BTC
Legal Services (3rd party) $400/600 per hr
Post-ICO/STO Blockchain and Software Engineering $150/$350 per hr

Pricing Summary

Total Pre-ICO/STO Investment (estimated) 10.00 – 45.00 BTC
Estimated Timeframe 3- 4  months
Retainer Due at Signing 3.00 BTC

Call us today on +1 813-513-3805, email us at info@cryptologist.io or just fill in your details below and we’ll get back to you!