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Full Service Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Consulting

We take a unique approach to shaping the future of every client we engage with. Our deep business insights, combined with a thorough understanding of Blockchain technology, can help you achieve your business objectives quickly.

Revolutionizing modern business and digital infrastructure

Blockchain and smart contract technology have the ability to advance digital processes and the transfer of information like never seen before; while the technology is complex, we simplify it. We work with clients to develop industry leading Blockchain based platforms and applications that enable your business solutions to power the future.

Fully Compliant STO Token and Smart Contract Design Framework

Your Success
Mutual success is our main focus. Taking on your project means we will support your venture,  and strive toward your success with the same dedication we have in our own.
Our past experience helps us craft the best working concepts, resilient secure code and unit tests covering all cases.
We will work as a cohesive team through a series of collaborative meetings via Phone, Skype, Chat, e-mail or any other mutually agreed upon channel.
We advise and guide you throughout the process, offering our technical expertise so you can focus on your important business goals.

STO Consulting and Marketing Services

We offer Consulting Services for startups looking to enter this space. Our services include the following:

  • Corporation Structure – how best to structure your organization for an STO.
  • Whitepaper Development – a great Whitepaper can make all the difference between success and failure.
  • Team – we find the very best advisors to add to your existing team.
  • Legal –  through our team of partners we make sure that you are fully compliant wherever you are in the world.
  • Marketing –  the key to success! We make sure you are able to maximize your opportunity through an effective Marketing plan.
  • Technical Development – we have access to a huge  network of qualified developers.

Marketing – A dedicated community matters most.

Effectively communicating a real-world solution which your technology addresses, helps to build credibility for your project. By leveraging effective media tools to create traction, we set you off on the road to success.

Through the development of a fully compliant Funding Token (FundingCoin) and the integration of Blockchain technology, we enable any funding platform with a solution which brings outstanding efficiency, accountability and security.

Our team of Cryptocurrency,  Blockchain and  Smart Contract specialists are ready to embrace your vision and help you showcase it to the world. Check out our pricing here

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